There are 2 main types of smoke detectors - Photoelectronic and Ionisation.

Photoelectronic uses a principal of a light transmitter and a receiver, the 2 are usually divided by a solid wall and inside a chamber. When SMOKE enters the chamber it reflects the light around the corner to the awaiting receiver. The receiver analyses the light/signal and activates an alarm

Ionisation uses the principal of detecting smoke “Particles” with the help of an harmless amount of Radioactive content in a chamber. Unfortunately dust PARTICLES can also build up in some of the cheaper types of these detectors, making them more sensitive. We come across a lot of people who remove the batteries from these types of detectors as they continually false alarm when the burn toast "In the Next Room!" There are some quality types of the ionisation smoke detectors on the market but we prefer to use a quality Photoelectronic type detector due to its proven track reliability.

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