Just about ANY Security Business can install most security systems on the market today. Being Fair to technology there are “some” very good Security systems available. Each business forms a decision to use a System based upon either Price, Useability, Warranty or expected longevity in system life.

We have added all main ones together and come up with a KNOWN top of the range security system from BOSH Security [SOLUTION], and have combined this with quality installation and an exceptional competitive price.

If you have a preference for another “Brand” of security system, please call and ask for a quote.

When assessing your security needs look for:-

Easy to Use
Reputation of PRODUCT
How many zones the System has upfront, allow at least 1 or 2 spare zones in case you want to add more devices down the track
Can you add REMOTES Control Buttons to turn the system on and off from outside
Commercial clients should make sure there are enough user codes available for each person requiring a code to have an INDIVIDUAL one – not sharing.
Make sure the company is fully Licensed [Security + Aust Communications Authority], Insured [Public & Products Liability + Workers Compensation] and the company has a proven reputation.

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