Q:- I have a Cat, will this cause the Alarm to go off ?
  You can upgrade your Standard Detectors to Pet Sensors which can tell the difference between humans and smaller animals, these cost around $65 per sensor extra.

Q:- If the alarm goes off and I am not here will it keep sounding the siren until we get home ?
  No, the Sirens will reset in between 1-3 minutes [Programmed to your liking].

Q:- If someone broke in and the sirens activated and they left and came back later, will the sirens go off again ?
  Yes they will sound for another 1-3 minutes [Programmed to your liking].

Q:- If someone turns off the power to the house does this shut down the alarm ?
  No, the battery backup on most systems can keep the system fully operations, including sirens, from 1 - 5 days depending on the system. Once the power is turned back on, the battery will recharge ready for the next power outage.

Q:- If someone cut a cable to a detector and the system is armed, does this stop the detector working ?
  No, once the cable is cut and the detector stops communicating to the Alarm Panel, this will cause the Alarm to Activate.

Q:- If my Security or Medical Alarm goes off and the Monitoring Centres calls, does this cost me each time they call ?
  No, this is all part of your monitoring rate per week.

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