We have been local in Security for 10+ years. All of our Technicians have met and surpassed licensing and training requirements and some have even been trainers in the Security Industry.

We have based our Business on SERVICE and this is why we are trusted by a large number of reputable Commercial, Industrial and Educational Facilities.

From Domestic Residences, Kindergartens & Educational Facilities like Macquarie College, Corporate Companies like Australia Post Licencees, Telstra Shop Outlets, Bakers Delight Stores, Macquarie Leisure/Dalbora Marina's, Fuch's Lubricants, Thrifty Car Rentals, Matrikon, Komatsu and AMP Control Plus Government Bodies Local and Dept of Correctional Services– Hunter Valley Security can handle any form of Security to your satisfaction.

We provide unmatched service excellence for our comprehensive range of Security related services, Electronic Security, Total Access Control System, CCTV [Camera Systems], 24 Hour Monitoring, Guards, Patrol Response, Intercommunications & Telephone systems, EVAC/PA & Music, Locksmithing, Electrical

All Security systems are integrated and designed to your individua l site needs with cost effectiveness always in mind, not just an of the shelf solution.

Our Sale Persons are TECHNICIANS which means you receive 100% correct information and guidance upfront and not just a sales pitch to close the deal to find out later on you have chosen unsuitable or inadequate technology. We generally ASK you to get other quotes so you see an more complete security perspective and have more options.

Most importantly, you can always talk to the OWNER of the business as it is his phone number we provide you with should you have a difficulty or problem, not a service department that treats you like a number and puts you in a queue.

Enjoy Affordable Peace of Mind today and call us for your Security Solution.

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