GPRS & GSM Diallers

GPRS & GSM units are used to enhance the integrity of your back to base monitoring, sometimes unintentionally or deliberately, a phone line to a premises is severed, depending on the monitoring infrastructure you have in place, this may impair the security systems ability to communicate to the control room. A GPRS Primary Dial or Mobile Phone GSM Backup Dial is a high security device that not only monitors if your phone line has been severed, but It also allows the security alarm to continue to communicate even though the phone line has been interfered with. When the phone line is severed, the GPRS/GSM unit will silently communicate this to the control room, enabling the control room to start notifying you, staff, Patrol or Police – usually well BEFORE the thieves have attempted to enter your premises.

The GPRS/GSM units comes with a Power Pack, Antennae, Modem Communicator and Battery Backup. The GSM unit can also be installed into say Caravans and Boats and double as a normal telephone line as well as a Security Device. A normal household telephone handset can be plugged into the GSM unit as well.

Normal Costs for this type of unit installed is approx $850.00 + GST if done at the time of installation of the security system, there will also be a SIMM Card activation fee - approx $55 and any calls that the GSM makes [usually only in the event of a phone line problem].

GPRS monitoring fees include all call costs made through the GPRS, this normally costs YOU 25c per call on YOUR phone bill.

The GPRS sends a signal to and from the control room EVERY 90 SECONDS and the GPRS communicates a lot quicker than a GSM or standard dialer unit

The GPRS is a very high level of Security Monitoring than a "backup" GSM unit

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