Ducted Vacuums

Ducted Vaccums have many advantages over a normal household Vacuums.

More Powerful – up to 4 times more suction
Quieter due to the motor being placed away from the living area
Dirt & Odours are extracted to the outside unit, not back into your house
Great for Asthmatics
Large Capacity, so the units requires a lot less emptying
Light Weight Hose, No cumbersome machine with hazardous electrical cords to pull behind you

We use and recommend the Premier/Monarch Vacuum system. The motor has an innovative design which creates better suction and has a long lasting motor.

Ducted Vacuums start at $1500. and are totally dependant on the installation and how many outlets you may require, the hose is 9 metres long from any one outlet. Generally these must be installed when the premises is being built.

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