Camera Systems

DVR’s [Digital Video Recorders] are usually used in most installations today due to their higher recording capacities, clearer pictures and ease of use in retrieving/storing recorded information.

DVR’s usually have a system called FIFO [First in First Out] as the hard drive becomes full it overwrites the oldest information. Most systems can be set to only record when there is movement saving valuable recording time. Searching can be done by entering a date and time and it takes you to that section straight away – no rewinding tapes Images are generally better quality. You can add more hard drives if you require more storage [depending on model]. DVR’s can be remotely accessed from an internet connection [depending on your internet connection speed] from anywhere around the globe. The system can be password locked/protected.

Camera’s today are being heavily used to protect business’s against litigation from customer accidents, staff involved in RSG & RSA [Responsible Service of Alcohol and Gambling], Embezzlement, Watching stock in secure area’s, Childrens safety around pools or baby sitters. It is basically your eyes when you are not there.

Systems have to be quoted as everyone needs are totally individual

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