This is a Highend Security product. The unit is fully Automatic and operates [on & off] from the Alarm System. The idea behind this High End type of technology is to inhibit the attackers ability to remove or vandalise stock on the premises long enough for action to be taken from the monitoring centre to have the attacker arrested or detained.

The units fluid is made up of a fully tested unique formulation based on a glycol solution. Glycol is a non toxic substance classified as a food stuff found in toothpaste, wines and soft drinks. This once vaporised, creates a dense fog which reduces visibility to less than 30cm [practically nil visibility]. Under normal usage the fluid is harmless to anything normally found in Commercial or Industrial Premises.

There are a number of different units, the smallest is capable of filling a 205m3 area in 30 seconds [small to medium sized shop or office – jewellers, safe rooms, retails outlets etc] right up to the biggest unit which can do 400m3 in 30 seconds [warehouses and very large electronic shops].

This product has a very indepth installation procedure to ensure it has its own tamper protection, backup battery etc to maintain the units self integrity. The unit is added in addition to your existing or new security system and starting price is around $3550. + GST + installation.

Irrespective of any type of disabling techniques or how quick a “Ram Raid” may be - Its hard to steal what you cant see !

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